Born  29th March 1959 in Kenya,  I came to the UK at the age of 13 to be educated at Cheltenham College and subsequently became a graduate of Manchester University and Trinty College London. My Father, Derek Charles was a military & commercial  pilot and was made a mason in Kenya in 1963, his lodge, “PROGRESS” number:  3727 continues to flourish there in Nairobi to this day. During my career I have been priviledged to hold several senior management roles in international blue chip companies in which capacity I have travelled the world several times over. I am a keen tennis player, and am a member of East Glos Tennis club.
Married to Sandra in 1992 we were blessed with a son Charles in 2003, who has inherited 
much to our delight his grandparents'  musical abilities and is currently a student  at Cheltenham College. 
My mother Lodge is Victoria Diamond Jubilee number 2675 meeting at Bakers Livery Hall in London and where I have recently had the honour of taking the chair.
When we retired to Cheltenham from London I joined Royal Union in 2015 and have found many friends within its walls and am honoured to be asked to take the chair of this ancient and esteemed lodge.

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