Lodge History

A Historical Sketch

Founded in 1813 in Cirencester, the proud boast of the Lodge is that of being the oldest of, (though not in!) the Province.

Royal Union is so called in commemoration of the union of the former two Grand Lodges - the Antients and the Moderns in 1813.

It was the third last Lodge to be warranted by the Antients, known as an Atholl Lodge (so named after successive Grand Masters, the Dukes of Atholl).

The Warrant, furniture and Officers’ Jewels  were bought by the Lodge from Cirencester for £35 in 1822. Our 3 Tracing Boards were gifts from 3 of our Brethren in 1858.


Lodge-1823.jpgThe Cheltenham Masonic Hall as it was in 1823