Members of Distinction

Members of Parliament

The Rt. Hon. Sir James Tynte Agg-Gardner, Privy Councillor.

Bro. H B Samuelson.

Bro. Lord Duncannon (later the Earl Bessborough).

Bro. The Baron de Ferriers (also The Provincial Grand Master).

Mayors of Cheltenham

Bro. Sir James Tynte Agg-Gardner.

Bro. The Baron de Ferriers.

Bro George Norman (author of the definitive history of the Lodge).

Bro. George Dimmer.

Bro. Charles Margrett.

Bro. T W Waite.

Bro. E L Ward.

Bro T L Thompson.

Others include W. Bro. John Waghorne, an Alderman of the Borough, and Treasurer of the Lodge for many years. Bro. Colonel J F Tarrant who was Director of Ceremonies from 1921 until his death 30 years later. He was also Secretary of Cheltenham Ladies College for a considerable period.